Schedule 2020

September 23


Day 1

09:00AM (CST)

Welcome Announcements

Welcome to SolidusConf! We'll go over how the conference will work, sponsors, code of conduct, and a few more pieces of important information.

09:15AM (CST)

Peter Berkenbosch

Building Payment Provider Integrations

Providing a detailed step by step technical insight on how to integrate payment service providers in your Solidus storefronts.

10:00AM (CST)

☕ Break

10:15AM (CST)

Taylor Scott

The 5 W's of Application Logging

Having logs without context can be just as bad as no logs at all.

11:00AM (CST)

☕ Break

11:15AM (CST)

Edwin Cruz

Marketplace on Solidus, Helping Local Businesses

How we leveraged existing open source projects such as Solidus and solidus marketplace extension to help local businesses survive.

12:00 PM

🥪 Lunch


Sean Denny


"Don't Panic: The Solidus Guide to ReactJS"

2:30PM (CST)

☕ Break

2:45PM (CST)

Rob Johnson

Solidus & Subscriptions: Adventures of a Publisher Trying to Disrupt Itself

Done right, subscriptions deliver great value for customers that can often lead to increased brand affinity and lifetime value.

3:30PM (CST)

🍻 After Hours Lounge

Day one is over, come relax in the after-hours lounge and share a few drinks.

September 24


Day 2

09:00AM (CST)

👋 Welcome

09:05AM (CST)

Richard Gilbert

E-Commerce & Consumer Financing Opportunities

Increase conversion rates and grow your average order value by offering more payment options.

09:50AM (CST)

☕ Break

10:05AM (CST)

Alberto Vena

The State of Solidus

How a group of people that care about Solidus are trying to make the platform more solid than ever.

10:50AM (CST)

☕ Break

11:05AM (CST)

💡 Lightning Rounds

Been working on something cool? Have some interesting insight? We want to hear from you!

11:50AM (CST)

🥪 Lunch

1:00PM (CST)

Thomas Sample


"The 10 Best Ways to SEO Audit Your Solidus Store for Free"

2:30PM (CST)

☕ Break

2:45PM (CST)

Jared Norman

The Agile Fluency Model and eCommerce

Jared will walk us through how the Agile Fluency Model applies to eCommerce businesses and how they can use it.

3:30PM (CST)

🍻 After Hours Lounge

Day two is over, come relax in the after-hours lounge and share a few drinks.

September 25


Day 3

09:00AM (CST)

Hack Day!

It's Hack Day! We're going to be working on Solidus issues and discussing the future of the platform.

10:00AM (CST)

Open Stakeholders Meeting

Curious about how Solidus is run? Come attend one of our weekly meetings!

10:30AM (CST)

Back to the Hack Day!

3:30PM (CST)

👋 End of Conference