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Solidus Conf 7

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Solidus Conf Overview

Since 2016, we've been holding yearly Solidus Conferences. Some will tell you there was even a secret one in 2015. -- Every time we come together, we have a chance to connect and foster good relationships in our tight-knit community. During the year we also hold meetup, release screencasts, hold hackatons and so much more. Check out our Events Page for even more information on past events, or watch some of the talks from last year by clicking the links below. You can also use the links in the footer to navigate to the past conference websites.

Selected Speaker Videoes from Past Solidus Confs

Lighing Rounds - Solidus Conf 2020

The Lightning Rounds are opportunities for Solidus Conf attendees to talk about what's important to them. Check out what the community had to say at Solidus Conf 2020.

Building Payment Provider Integrations

Peter Berkenbosch

Providing a detailed step by step technical insight on how to integrate payment service providers in your Solidus storefronts. Focus mostly on the Solidus Payment internals, but also touching the surface of development support tools and best practices.

The 5 W's of Application Logging

Taylor Scott

Often times when we write are logs we only include the “what” and “when”. I’d like to talk about getting the most of our application logging by discussing the importance of the “Who”, “Where”, and “why”. Having logs without context can be just as bad as no logs at all.

Marketplace on Solidus, Helping Local Businesses

Edwin Cruz

Edwin will share how MagmaLabs leveraged existing open source projects such as Solidus and solidus marketplace extension to create a portal where the main goal was to help local businesses to deal with the fact that they needed to sell their products and services online in order to have better chance to survive.

Solidus & Subscriptions

Rob Johnson

Subscriptions have become increasingly popular due to the financial stability they produce for businesses and investors. Done right, subscriptions deliver great value for customers with draws such as unlimited access, original product and deep discounting that can often lead to increased brand affinity and lifetime value. We'll review a 2.5 year timeline of the impact subscriptions have had for a Publisher and Retailer using Solidus. We'll cover learnings around acquisition and retention, subscription usage trends, customer survey insights, upgrade experiences and the importance of empowering the customer.

eCommerce and Consumer Financing Opportunities

Richard Gilbert

Consumers choose and spend more with merchants that offer consumer financing alternatives. Increase conversion rates and grow your average order value by offering more payment options. We will share statistics and approaches merchants can use to offer consumer financing solutions and why merchants should aggressively consider consumer financing strategies.

The State of Solidus

Alberto Vena

We've had a lot of shocks in the Solidus (and Spree) community in the last few years, and we need stability. Alberto will cover what's happened since the previous maintainers left the project, and how a group of people that care about Solidus are trying to make the platform more solid than ever.

The 10 Best Ways to SEO Audit Your Solidus Store for Free

Thomas Sample

A step-by-step walkthrough of an SEO Audit and a workshop to learn more about SEO. Find out what's new in 2020 and grab the low-hanging fruit for your Solidus Store. We'll focus in on the most important tips this time to make sure we see results by the end of the session.

The Agile Fluency Model and eCommerce

Jared Norman

Many Agile organizations are just going through the motions of their chosen process. Jared will walk us through how the Agile Fluency Model applies to eCommerce businesses and how they can use it to discover where they should focus to reap the real benefits of Agile methodologies.

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