Schedule Solidus Conf 7

January 27


Day 1

09:00AM (ET)

Welcome Announcements

Welcome to SolidusConf! We'll go over how the conference will work, sponsors, code of conduct, and a few more pieces of important information.

09:15AM (ET)

Jared Norman

How to Fail at Solidus

Solidus might be the most flexible eCommerce platform available, but just because you can customize an aspect of it, doesn’t mean you should. I’ll break down some of the common mistakes I’ve seen teams make, how to avoid them, as well as some tips for how to make the most of the platform.

10:00AM (ET)

☕ Break

10:15AM (ET)

George Mendoza

Getting Started with Solidus Starter Frontend

Solidus has a new frontend solution! It’s modern! It’s shiny! And best of all, we can continue to keep it that way! We’ll share the lessons we’ve learned with the old Solidus Frontend gem, and how we’ve applied those lessons to revamp the gem into the new Solidus Starter Frontend. Let’s get started!

11:00AM (ET)

☕ Break

11:15AM (ET)

Joel Saupe

Solidus UI: An Exploration Into UI Toolkits

With the never-ending rise of frontend frameworks, how does Solidus stay relevant? As we rebuild our UIs with the latest and greatest, is it possible to distribute the work and share the rewards? Let’s explore UI toolkits and see how we can make Solidus better for both users and engineers alike.

12:00PM (ET)

🥪 Lunch

1:00PM (ET)

Matthew Redd

What the Beatles, Miles Davis, and Beethoven Can Teach Us About Software

How can we be better at software by studying jazz improvisation? What do Symphonies have to do with software project management? One of the best ways to get insights about one’s own craft is to compare it to a seemingly unrelated discipline. Let’s dig in to the art of our software craft.

2:30PM (ET)

☕ Break

2:45PM (ET)

Chris Todorov

Separating Your Concerns With the Solidus Event System

The Solidus event system allows developers to publish and consume events from anywhere in their codebase. I will show how you can leverage the event system to decouple side effects from the core Solidus logic in order to build more maintainable applications.

3:30PM (ET)

🍻 After Hours Lounge

Day one is over, come relax in the after-hours lounge and share a few drinks.

January 28


Day 2

09:00AM (ET)

👋 Welcome to Community Day

It's part talks, part stakeholder meeting, part Hack Day, and most of all lots of fun! We're going to have a few talks in the morning, hold a public Solidus Stakeholder meeting, work on core Solidus and Solidus extensions, discussing the future of the platform, play games, see old friends, and make new ones.

09:05AM (ET)

Marc Busqué

Extending Solidus With the New Event Bus: More Flexibility for the Topmost Flexible e-Commerce Platform

Have you ever found yourself needing your software of choice to do something else? Have you ended up invoking some dark sorcery, getting your hands dirty while you rummage through “lower abstractions”? Seek no further! With Solidus’ new Event Bus, that becomes part of the expected behavior.

09:50AM (ET)

☕ Break

10:05AM (ET)

Daniel Pritchett

Nail the Demo: Remote Work as Performance Art

Work moves online a bit more each year. Make a bigger impact by borrowing techniques from theater, Twitch streamers, television, and radio. Grab your clients’ attention with a demo that’s uniquely you. Find your voice, lead with your most interesting results, and always have a backup plan.

10:50AM (ET)

☕ Break

11:05AM (ET)

Open Stakeholders Meeting

Curious about how Solidus is run? Come attend one of our weekly meetings!

11:50AM (ET)

💡 Lightning Rounds & 🥪 Lunch

Been working on something cool? Have some interesting insight? We want to hear from you! -- It's also lunch time! Yay!

1:00PM (ET)

Host TBD

Solidus Field Day Kickoff

Join us for the official start of Solidus Field Day. It's a hack day + games + fun. It's a chance to socialize with other members of the community and talk shop. It'a an opportunity to build something cool with someone you've never worked with before, or to get advise from the open source maintainer of your favorite community gem. It's whatever you make it to be. Just have fun.

2:30PM (ET)

☕ Break

2:45PM (ET)

Host TBD

Video Game Tournament Kickoff

Eugene, an expert video gamer, will help the community organize an amazing tournament, building teams and breaking ice.

4:30PM (ET)

🍻 After Hours Lounge

The end of the conference is beginning to draw near...but good news! It's Friday! The weekend is here. - Kick back and relax in the after-hours lounge, share a few drinks, and as the night unfolds hear the REAL war-stories about working with Soldius.

6:00PM (ET)

👋 End of Conference